Research Grant

The Governance and Local Development Institute at the University of Gothenburg (GLD) announces the availability of a limited number of research fellowships for short-term research on Governance and Local Development. Awards averaging 25,000 SEK will be offered biannually to support research projects related to critical governance issues. Recipients are expected to submit a paper to be included in the GLD Working Paper Series. This call is open to all scholars, regardless of any prior GLD affiliation. 

The next round of applications will open in the fall of 2023. 



Our Mission

“We aim to promote human welfare by conducting scientifically rigorous research across the globe. Our research focuses on answering a fundamental question: why are some communities able to provide secure environments, good education, adequate healthcare, and other factors that encourage human development, while others fail to do so? We engage with communities across the world, develop methodological tools, gather data, undertake analyses on major issues affecting societies today, and disseminate findings to academics, relevant policy-makers, and the communities in which we work.”

Themes should relate to the GLD mission, for example: 


  • Local governance challenges
  • Service delivery as it varies across local contexts
  • Relationship between state and non-state actors
  • Level of corruption and citizens’ perceptions of it 
  • How citizens solve disputes with officials, families, and friends and how state or non-state actors are involved 
  • Participation in local elections and political campaigns 
  • How security services are provided in transitional periods and/or under weak central states


Previous Grant Awardees




Marie Gagné, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Political Science, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. 

Project Title: Protests against Large-Scale Land Acquisitions, Electoral Democracy, and the Emergence of Rural Citizenship in Senegal 

Research Country: Senegal


Fall 2021 


Adan Martinez 

Project Title: Brazilian Subnational Everyday Health and Pandemic Politics. 

Research Country: Brazil 



Spring 2021


Adam Auerbach 

Project Title: Citizenship Practice in India’s Middle-Class Unauthorized Colonies 

Research Country: India 



Fall 2020


Valesca Lima

Project Title: Citizen Mobilization for Housing - Struggles to Stay at Home During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Research Countries: Brazil and Portugal




Mulenga Chonzi Mulenga

Project Title: Assessing the Performance of Local Authorities in Zambia During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Research Country: Zambia




Ngoc Phan

Project Title: Meritocratic Promotion, Corruption at Local Governments, and the Durability of Single-Party Regimes

Research Country: Vietnam



Spring 2020


Paige Bollen

Project Title: Legibility from Below: Language, Visibility, and Ethnic Politics in Africa

Research Country: Ghana




Anirvan Chowdhury

Project Title: How do Religiously Conservative Parties Mobilize Women in Election Campaigns?

Research Country: India




Karen E. Ferree

Project Title: Choice, Choice Set and Ethnic Voting in Africa

Research Country: Ghana




2018 - 2019


Sebastian Van Baalen

Project Title: Guns and Governance: Local Elites, Civilian Resistance, and Responsive Rebel Governance in Côte d’Ivoire

Research Country: Ivory Coast

Working Paper, Reconceptualising Rebel Rule: The Responsiveness of Rebel Governance in Man, Côte d’Ivoire, can be found here.




Steven Brooke

Project Title: Local Religious Institutions and Protection from ExtraJudicial Killings: Evidence from a Survey of Catholic Parishes in the Philippines

Research Country: Philippines




Jacob Cassani

Project Title: Up in the Mountains: Informal Governance and Hybrid Sovereignty in the Northern Biqa’a, Lebanon

Research Country: Lebanon

Working Paper, Bread and Salt: Labour, Reputation, and Trust between Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Hashish Farmers in the Northern Biqa’a, can be found here.




Chao-Yo Cheng

Project Title: Socio-Political Factors of Reliable Electricity Supply and the Willingness to Pay: Experimental Evidence from Households and Power Sector

Research Country: India



2017 - 2018


Tugba Bozcaga

Project Title: The State at the Local Level: Socialized Bureaucrats and Government Performance

Research Country: Turkey

Working Paper, The Social Bureaucrat: How Social Proximity
among Bureaucrats Aects Local Governance can be found here.

If you rather listen, find the Governance Uncovered podcast episode with Tugba here.




Salma Mousa

Project Title: Overcoming the Trust Deficit: Inter-group Contact and Associational Life in Post-ISIS Iraq 

Research Country: Iraq

Working Paper, Creating Coexistence: Intergroup Contact and Soccer in Post-ISIS Iraq, can be found here.

If you rather listen, find the Governance Uncovered podcast episode with Salma here.

Application Procedure: 

Interested candidates should send the following: 

  1. A proposal including a description of the project/research plan (not more than 5 pgs long), schedule of work, and detailed budget estimate. 
    1. The budget estimate should be in SEK and must not include funding for the applicant(s) salary/salaries but may include funding for a research assistant salary or similar. We do accept proposals for contributory funding (i.e., using the STG to fund part of a larger project), but awarding of funding is contingent upon the applicant receiving enough funding for the whole project.
  2. A current CV 
  3. A sample of previously written work in English (a published paper, conference paper, book chapter, etc.) 

Only applications in English will be considered. 





Hannah Early Bagdanov, PhD student at the University of Notre Dame, Dept. of Political Science.

Project Title: Everyday Forms of Engagement with the State: Contested Territories, Social Networks, and the Pursuit of Welfare in Israel/Palestine.

Research Country: Israel/Palestine




Tanu Kumar 

Project Title: Citizenship Practice in India’s Middle-Class Unauthorized Colonies 

Research CountryIndia 




Sarah Thompson

Project Title: Roadblocks Remain: Constraints to Women's Political Participation and Mobility in Pakistan

Research Country: Pakistan




Changxin Patrick Xu

Project Title: The Parking Autonomous Committee in Urban China: Evidence from Shenzhen, Xi'an, and Nanchang

Research Country: China






















Blair Read

Project Title: When Voice Leads to Exit: Politics of Education in Developing Democracies

Research Country: India




Salih Yasun

Project Title: Structuring Inclusive Local Governance in Post-Authoritarian Tunisia 

Research Country: Tunisia






















Deodatus Patrick Shayo

Project Title: Citizen Participation in Local Government Elections in the Age of Crowdsourcing: Explorations and Considerations in Tanzania

Research Country: Tanzania



Matthias Krönke

Project Title: The Effect of Democratic Accountability on Basic Service Delivery

Research Country: Malawi




Guillermo Toral

Project Title: State Prosecutors: How Does Their Work Impact Public Service Delivery in the Municipalities That They Are in Charge Of?

Research Country: Brazil


























Marika Sosnowski

Project Title: Ceasefires and Rebel Governance in Syria 

Research Country: Syria

Working Paper, Ceasefires as Statebuilding, can be found here.



Rustam Urinboyev

Project Title: Law, Society, and Corruption: Lessons from the Post-Soviet Context 

Research Country: Uzbekistan

Working Paper, Everyday Corruption and Social Norms in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan, can be found here.