Internships at GLD

Do you want to experience being part of a research team and working with questions to promote human welfare globally? We are currently looking for interns to join our team. In order to apply you should be a student currently enrolled in a master’s program or enrolled at the unemployment agency with at least a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Gender Studies, Global Studies, Social Sciences, Economics, Statistics, IT or related field. The internship gives opportunities to obtain practical experience in working with a research project within academia or, as one of our former interns describes it; “the internship has been an exciting time that has provided me with great insights into a research program that is expanding continuously and it has given me valuable experience in the area of governance and local development and quantitative research in general.” Internship tasks will vary in terms of current project’s needs. Interns will be asked to help with data collection, research and dissemination.

We are looking for highly motivated, self-driven interns who are interested in governance as a research area. Knowledge of statistical programs, Arabic, French, and/or Swedish is an asset. “Future interns should expect a high pace at GLD and the expectation of your work is that it should always be of good quality”, says a former intern. “The program management makes sure that the internship is a two-way deal, and that the interns are getting the kinds of experience/knowledge that they are here for.” As an intern you will be an important part of our team. “It is truly a great team that I’ve got to work with. The team is hardworking, ambitious and professional and at the same time there is always an easygoing atmosphere at GLD.” The team is international and the working language is English.

“Overall the internship was a great experience and I believe it will contribute much to my future career. In a broader perspective, the research is important for policy makers and development specialists to find out how people access public goods in order to secure effective implementation of, for example, policies or foreign aid projects. I am very happy to have contributed to creating and disseminating that knowledge” - a former intern.


To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter describing why you want to do an internship at GLD to . If you have any questions, please contact us via email. We ask that you submit all documents in English.

We ask that you apply immediately as we are currently reviewing applications.