GLD Podcast Series

Episode 1: Marwa Shalaby





Marwa Shalaby (Visiting Scholar, GLD)

Episode 1: Marwa discusses her research on women's political participation in the MENA region, with GLD Program Director Ellen Lust. Utilizing her research in Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco, Marwa explores the obstacles faced by many female legislators, and outlines how these challenges can be overcome.

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Episode 2: Yeşim Arat




Yeşim Arat (Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul)

Episode 2: Yeşim discusses the ongoing political and demographic transformations in Turkey and their impacts on the country's key institutions, including the judiciary, the military, and the media.

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Episode 3: Jon Pierre



Jon Pierre (Professor, Department of Political Science, Gothenburg University)

Episode 3: Jon Pierre, professor of political science at Gothenburg University, discusses his 2011 book "The Politics of Urban Governance." Outlining his four models on governance, Pierre explores the changing dynamics of governance and government in 21st-century cities, and discusses its implications on everyday living for the urban citizen.

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Episode 4: Pierre F. Landry





Pierre F. Landry (Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Episode 4: Pierre F. Landry discusses China's rapid urbanization and the institutional challenges that arise due to these seismic demographic shifts. The conversation centres on China's massive bureaucratic system and how both local and national levels of this system compete for financial resources and influence.

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Episode 5: Dominic Burbidge





Episode 5: Dominic Burbidge discusses his new book "An Experiment In Devolution, National Unity and the Deconstruction of the Kenyan State." Following the introduction of a new constitution in 2010, Kenya has implemented one of the most radical and far-reaching decentralization programs in Africa. This podcast outlines the events leading up to the new constitution, as well as the ramifications of these sweeping reforms.

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Episode 6: Ian Shapiro




Episode 6: Ian Shapiro discusses his new book "Responsible Parties: Saving Democracy from Itself" with GLD Director, Ellen Lust. Democracies across the world are adopting reforms to bring politics closer to the people. Parties have turned to primaries and local caucuses to select candidates. Ballot initiatives and referenda allow citizens to enact laws directly. Yet voters keep getting angrier. Here, the author argues that devolving power to the grassroots is part of the problem, not the solution.

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Episode 7: Boniface Dulani





Episode 7: In this special edition of the GLD podcast Boniface Dulani (Chancellor College, University of Malawi) discusses traditional leadership and authority in Malawi and the impact these structures have on the country's political system at both the local and national level. The podcast was recorded live in Malawi during a field visit as part of our ongoing SSA project.

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